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Day Of The Dino
This episode starts of with Tommy ( Dr. Oliver ) running from monsters and the main enemy Mesogog.  It then goes to the school where you meet our soon to be rangers.  Ethan the computer geek (BLUE). Conner the soccer player (RED). And Kira the music girl ( YELLOW ).  Ethan sets the spriklers to go off at a diffrent time.  Kira plays music on school grounds which is not aloud.  And Conner doesn't go to class and plays soccer instead.  Principal Randall gives all the students detention with Dr. Oliver the new science teacher.  Dr.Oliver takes them to a muscem and he asks them to search around while he goes to check things out.  While out Conner,Ethan,Kira fall into a hole which is where Dr. Oliver lives.  But Conner,Ethan,Kira find the dino gems they grab them and the each active. Yellow gem the power of generate sonic scream goes to Kira. Red gem super speed goes to Conner.  Blue gem armored epidermis goes to Ethan.  After they get out they get attacked by Tyrannodrones which they discover the gems abilitys. Also at this time Tommy ( Dr Oliver ) is fighting off a giant robot dinosaur.  He beats it and goes back to get the kids.  He finds them and they dont tell him about the gems. They get back to school only to see Kira give up her gem and them she gets tooken away by Tyrannodrones into a portal.

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