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Here is my guide to the enemys.




Messogog is the evil Master-Mind behind all the evil plots being carried out against the city.  Mesogog's plan was to make everyone think that Lothor had returned...This way, Mesogog thought Lothor would get all the blame.  However, after Tommy realized that Dr. Anton Mercer had returned, the rangers knew something was up and quickly found Mesogog.

Mesogog has already went as far as to kidnap Kira and Tommy, each at a different time.  They were both rescued safely from Mesogog's lab by the other rangers.  Dr. Anton has now showed up in the city, in human form, so it is unclear at this time if Mesogog is really Dr. Anton or if they really are two totally different people.

One thing is clear, Mesogog will stop at nothing to distroy the rangers and he is really not happy about Tommy being a Power Ranger again



Elsa is one of the evil villains that works for Mesogog.  She is loyal to Mesogog and does her best to carry out his orders and keep him from becoming upset...that alone can sometimes be quite a job too.

Elsa usually teams up with Zeltrax, another one of Mesogog's loyal villains, and together they battle the rangers while always trying to come up with new plans of attack on the city.

Even though Elsa does everything Mesogog ask of her, she still does not get treated with much respect, which sometimes gets on her nerves



Zeltrax also works for Mesogog, he and Elsa usually team up during battle and together, they don't make too bad a team.  However, from time to time Zeltrax likes to have a battle all of his own and will fight the Rangers alone or sometimes call in some Tyrannodrones to help.

Zeltrax is not human and maybe that is the reason for his awsome battle moves.  Many times in battle, the rangers have found Zeltrax to be a tough villain to defeat.

The only thing that can be decided for sure is that when Zeltrax is around, there is going to be trouble.



The Tyrannodornes are Mesogog's endless army.  They can be called up any time or place by the bad guys and as most of us already know, there will usually be more than one of them!

The twist here is that Tommy actually help to create the Tyrannodrones while working with Dr. Mercer, but as Tommy has already said, they were never to be used for evil.  According to Tommy, Mesogog has made some upgrades to the Tyrannodrones since he last saw them.  So, now the Tyrannodrones are really tough to defeat.